Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Makeup Storage Ideas

Hello my loves!!! I hope you had a beautiful day. Today's post is about Makeup Storage. I love makeup and like all makeup lovers I have a lot of beauty products (we always want more, right?!), and I always try to find the best way to organize all those lippies, blushes, nail polishes...
Here are some ideas I wanted to share with you. Let's get inspired :)

The Vanity Tray:

 A vanity tray gives a touch of class to your vanity dresser, or bedside table.

You can put on it your favorite perfumes, a candle and some flowers...

 ...or your everyday makeup.

 It's a lovely way to display your favorite nail polishes also.

 So petty!!!

Perfect way to display your perfumes (this vanity tray is available on

This Anna Sui Makeup Tray is just so cute!!!

Acrylic Drawers for Makeup:

 Acrylic Storage Drawers by Muji.
(This one is on my wishlist!!!)

I love that they're clear, so you can see exactly what you have.

 Photo via Instagram @jayneydeb

Photo via Instagram @superclassychic

via Instagram @thefabclassychic

Makeup Brush Storage:

Photo via Instagram @bubblymichelle
 Recycle old candle jars into makeup brush holders (this is genius!!! Love the idea. You can find a lot of DIY video on YouTube to do this)

via Instagram @simple2chic

via Instagram @simple2chic

via Instagram @pinkmissysparklez

Ikea Alex Drawer Unit:

A favorite among many beauty bloggers. Perfect for the serious makeup junkies ;p with 9 drawers there's enough space to store your makeup collection.



More Ideas:

via Instagram @juliahengel

Photo via Instagram @jayneydeb

Photo via Instagram @superclassychic (I love how she store her brushes!!! Apothecary jars accented with Chanel ribbons from past purchases, one of my favorite idea to steal!!!)

via Instagram @thefabclassychic

via Instagram @thefabclassychic

via Instagram @makeupbysuus

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it gives you some ideas, would love to know how you guys store your makeup, don't hesitate to share with us :) I will show my own makeup organisation as soon as I get the Muji drawers (Muji is now open in Dubai Mall, good news for the Dubai Makeup Lovers!!!)

*All the pictures without mention were found on Tumblr and Pinterest, if you see one of your picture, contact me to give proper credit*


misstinguette said...

ohhh love those photos, give my a such an ideas to arrange my make up and nailpolishes,,,
thank you for the post,,
bigg kisses


I love this post! I'm obsessed with organizing my dresser so I have almost all of these pictures saved on my Pinterest haha.

I already bought the Muji acrylic boxes for my makeup and they are a great purchase. For my perfume, I ended up placing them on a cute pink 3-tiered cupcake stand. For my necklaces I bought a pretty crystal necklace stand online and my bracelets are on clear bracelet holders from! Once I order a mirror for my dresser then I will post everything on my blog :)

Lalla Loub said...

@misstinguette: thx sweetie, glad that they inspired you :)

@fashionably brokeass: can't wait for your post!!!

Fa6ima said...

Loved the ideas indeed. Thanks dear for sharing these pix :)

Lalla Loub said...

@Fa6ima: glad you liked it :)

Ji Yeon said...

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Nasreen Shaikh said...

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Fatima Ali said...

I love this one..Thanks :)
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