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Ilham Hajji said...


I’m speaking on behalf of Pushpic LLC which is a startup company based in Dubai. We are making a location based photo and video sharing application that will change the way people communicate locally. Pushpic is a new mobile application which is a unique way of sharing photos and videos based on your location, where you can send a push to others around you, view pushes near you that other users have pushed, and see how many views and likes your push gets, and interact with others around you through comments and messages on pushes.
The following is a short video of how Pushpic works, please check it.
You can also check our website.
Our new application will allow people to connect and engage other people and places nearby in a new and exciting way. Thereby, we are working on promoting our new mobile application, and I would like to know if we can collaborate and promote it on your blog, since your blog is a popular one in Dubai. Please kindly provide me with more details on how to promote our application on your blog and what are the requirements.
I’ll be waiting for your response.
Thank you,

+971 552275481

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