Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fashionista of the Week: Mouza

Hello my Lovelies!!! Eid Mubarak wa koul 3am antoum bekheir!!! I hope you had a beautiful holidays celebrating with your loved ones. Time to meet our new Fashionista of the Week, the very sweet and stylish Mouza from Abu Dhabi, who's sharing with us her current fashion favorites and personal style!!!

Hi Mouza, Welcome to Dubai Fashionista :) Tell us a little bit about you?
I'm Mouza Alhameli, 37 from Abu Dhabi, Government employee.

What's your favorite place to shop?
S*uce (favorite place to shop all the time), Harvey Nichols in Dubai, Net-a-Porter and of course Zara and Mango.

Favorite designer?
Manoush and I love locals designers they are creative and funky such as Das Collection and Sugar Vintage.

Handbag designer?
Hermes and Dior.. and I don't mind buying any handbag that looks attractive and unique even if it isn't a famous brand.

Shoe designer?
Manolo Blahnik is my favorite shoe designer I even wish to marry him.. LOL!!

Your last buy?
Python leather shoes from Dior and Chanel shades.

Favorite piece from your closet?
Chanel blazers, black skirt.

Describe your style in 3 words?
Classy, Elegant, Sometimes Funky Colorful.

What's your current wishlist?
Crocodile handbag, Bvlgari watch.

Favorite fashion magazine?
I don't have one unfortunately.

Favorite fashion blog?
I love daily S*uce blog.

A trend you love?
Blazers, 20's style, skirts.

A trend you hate?
Sherwal!! And I hate anything that makes the lady looks unfeminine.

Fashion Faux-Pas?
Very tight clothing whether they are dresses or tops that show the body flaws.

Favorite destination/dream destination for shopping?
Favorite destinations: Bangkok, London, Dubai.
Dream destination: New York.

Celebs style inspiration?
Najwa Karam is my ideal fashion icon, she never wear anything that doesn't suit her.
I love glamorous style of Haifa Wehbe, she is my all time favorite.
Jennifer Lopez.

Must-haves every woman should have in her closet?
Black skirt is a must have especially for the working woman,
White shirt,
A pair of fit jeans,
Black dress.

Favorite piece of jewelry you like to wear?
I can't go out without wearing a ring.
I love long necklaces especially when I'm wearing abaya.
Of course a watch!

Flats or heels?
Although I love heels all the time, I prefer wearing flats for travel.

Anything you would like to share with Dubai Fashionista's readers?
As you will see from my Instagram account @ I love to have my own style that others might don't like, but I hate to be a copycat of anybody else.
I believe that life is like a party, I go celebrate it everyday in different look, mood and style..
My advise to you girls: Don't be afraid of trying and experimenting different style and pieces until you find what really suits you.. Always have your own style that suit your lifestyle, look and mood.

Thanks to the lovely Mouza for taking time to share her personal style and fashion favorites with us.
Follow @Muzzaa24 on Instagram for more style inspiration.
I hope you enjoyed reading this interview :)

*All pictures belong to Mouza*
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