Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tag: What's In My Bag?

I've been tagged by the lovely Me's Bubble and Chanel After Coco to do a "What's In Your Bag?"

At the moment I am using one of my favorite bag the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, it's a classic, not heavy to carry and goes with everything <3

Most of the time I carry with me my Victoria Secret Makeup Bag, Lipstick by Revlon, Multi-Use Color Palette by Chanel, Terracotta by Guerlain, a Khol (oriental duo by Lancome), my Samsung Camera, my Ipod, Wallet by Prada, Neutrogena Hand Cream and Lip Balm, Ray Ban Aviator, a Notebook + Pen, a Book (Now I'm reading the french version of "Hope in a Jar" by Beth Harbison), a bottle of water, and my beloved Blackberry ;-p

And now I'm inviting all the Fashionistas to do this tag!!! Have fun dolls :)



I loooove your bag :D and the pink BB? awesome!

Me's Bubble said...

yeeeeeey finally!!!!!
i missed you posts soooo much!!
merci pour les coms sur mon blog!!
kisses !!

lamia said...

Great post hun !! I'm really thinking of buying a LV Speedy 30, the same as yours !! ;)
Fingers crossed !!

AlReeM said...

yaaay love this tag! am definitely gonna do one on my blog!
loved the post! xoxo


Hind said...

Wooww all the prety things! love it. I had same post few weeks ago.. but my bag can not carry much :P

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