Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Diary


Queen S. said...

sympa ton july diary ! j'aurais du en faire un e mettant des foto de kefta, de poms et d hawai LOOL

Me's Bubble said...

i love it!!!!!!!
i miss going out with you!!!!

Nafissa said...

Yammy Cup Cakes !



lamia said...

I'm craving cupcakes !!
Happy Ramadan sweety !!

Hinda Toufga said...

Heyaaaa!! how you doing? Its been ages since I blogged or did anything online. I see that your blog is even looking more shinny and nice. I am still on my traveling tour. left Morocco since March.

get back in touch and keep having a great time sis.


Meryem said...

I've already discoverd ur blog! and i'm in love!
I'm ur newest follower as well!

zinouchan said...

hmmm sweet july :)
miaaaaaaaam le premier plat <3

Dubai Fashionista said...

thx for ur lovely comments girls :)

Monique said...

Awesome pictures! I wish I were there. said...

I really love the last picture

Suddenly I'm so hungry , strange , no?

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