Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Red Jeans

Hello lovelies
I just bought a pair of red jeans :) Actually it wasn't on my wishlist, but when I was in Zara I tried them for fun, and finally fell for them...

Red jeans are hot this season, here's some inspirations:
I love how Jessica Alba paired her red jeans with a simple white T and a black blazer

What about you fashionistas, would you wear the colored denim trend? And how would you wear a pair of red jeans??? Personally I would wear them with a black tank and black accessories, or maybe with a zebra top. White and red is also one of the best color combo.


Miryem El said...

i love them!!! very fun color!
I'd wear those lovely red jeans with a black or a white top , or under an Abaya that has hint of red , with tones of friendship bracelets!
great choice as usually!! <3

Ginger said...

Love it too !!! Jessica Alba's look is the best !!

It-Blogirls said...

Amazing! I absolutly love it! It is so stylish!

Badria said...

should get me some tooooo :)

Love how you styled them hun :)

Anonymous said...

ure blog is fantastic, so much inspiration !

Queen S. said...

je valide a fond !

Bouchra Amine said...

I love Jessica Alba's look!

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