Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tag: My First 2011 Purchase

Hey Fashionistas... I’ve been tagged by the lovely Me’s Bubble to share my first purchase of 2011. I was looking for nice jeans everywhere, but everytime there was something wrong, the color, the cut, the price... and Saturday I finally found the perfect jeans in Bebe store at The Dubai Mall!!! From the moment I saw them I felt in love ;) and it was 50% discount, so I’m really happy about my first 2011 purchase. Now I tag Beauty Language, My Paintings, The Fashion Mom, Ginger Chocolate & Honey and Schachou... Have fun dolls!!!


Me's Bubble said...

i looove it !! bess7a!!

lamia said...

bessehaaaaaaaa loubnaaaaaaaaa!!! il est canon on jean!!! j'adore j'adore j'adore!! et merci pour la tag, je répond dès que je peux!!!!

Hinda Toufga said...

I adore dark jeans , they are simply the best! Thanks for the tag dear..wo bessa7aa 3leek


Fanny said...

lovely jeans!
thank you for tagging me! i am so honored, you make my day!! lot of kisses x

It blog girls said...

Ohhh finally a picture taken from you! we want to see more from your outfits!

SAFIA said...

J'adore la marque BEBE !! dommage pas encore de store au maroc !!


SAFIA said...

J'oubliais, j'adorerai en savoir davantage sur Dubai, les bons coins, les bons outlet et tout... j'adorerai visiter !! on dit que c'est trés beau !


Trendy Gourmandise said...

loubloub bientot tu seras une Vraie Kardashian ! En même temps je suis sur que les soeurs M. peuvent rivaliser !

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